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Digital imaging services we offer



W. & F. Pascoe has a comprehensive range of high end scanners, cameras and imaging equipment capable of accommodating a wide range of media for image capture – with an equally wide range of options available in terms of imaging quality, media, formats, quantities and price.

Our experience ranges from small bespoke jobs (e.g. artwork or manuscript) through to high volume projects (hundreds of thousands of articles). The following presents a brief example of what we can offer.

We welcome enquiries from individuals and institutions about single items through to major projects. Either way we will give you our expert advice and outstanding service. For services not listed here, or just to discuss your specific requirements, simply get in touch with our digital imaging team.




Photographs, Slides and Negatives

We have many options for digitising photographs, slides and negatives, ranging from low-cost, high volume digitisations, through to colour-matched “high-end” reproduction solutions. Whether your negatives are degrading through acetate breakdown, or you have image albums, photo collections  or even “fileprints” in drawers that require digitisation or duplication, we can help.

Bound Materials & Documents

For bound materials, we have a suite of book scanners that produce outstanding images either as double page spreads or single pages. We are also able to accommodate fragile books and manuscripts.
For robust documents, or print material that can be dis-bound, our fast rotary production scanners are a very affordable way to convert collections for on-line access and digital reuse.


Microfilm & Microfiche

Whilst microfilm has a life expectancy of roughly 500 years, it is slow to access, can only be used by one person at a time and are often stored in a single location. Digitising microfilm presents all the options and advantages you would expect from digitised paper records, and you get to keep the ultimate backups as well.

We can work with one frame right through to several million frames and in most file types of images in black and white as well as greyscale format. For more detailed information, click here.

Summary of services

W. & F. Pascoe provides a host of digital imaging services:

  • High Speed Scanning of 35mm and 16mm Microfilm;
  • High Speed Colour & Bitonal Scanning of all sizes up to A3;
  • Larger Format Scanning in Black and White or Colour documents/plans/maps;
  • Flatbed scanning of fragile or bound material up to A3;
  • High Resolution Scanning up to 5000dpi;
  • Conversion of output images to multiple formats (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.);
  • Data Hosting for web enabled image retrieval;
  • Data delivery via HDD, BluRay, CD-ROM, DVD, DLT Tape, FTP or any cloud-enabled service.

Post Digitisation Services

W. & F. Pascoe provides a wide range of post-digitisation services to facilitate the presentation, management and reproduction of your digitised assets.

Once digitised, these images can be converted to searchable/editable text for multitudes of applications – from eBook production or PDF creation to searchable and indexed databases housing  articles which can also reprinted to modest or exacting colour matched standards at a future date.

To facilitate unprecedented levels of backup for your valuable assets, we are also able to provide conversion services for Digital files direct to 35mm Microfilm through Computer Output Microfilm (COM).