About W. & F. Pascoe

preserving documents since 1957



preservation microfilming, conventional microfilming

and digital conversion services


A little bit of history…


W. & F. Pascoe is an Australian service company specialising in preservation microfilming, conventional microfilming and digital conversion services based in the Sydney suburb of Balgowlah, NSW.

Established in 1957, we are one of the oldest document preservation companies still in operation. W. & F. Pascoe Pty. Ltd. was founded by brothers Wilfrid and Frank Pascoe. The Pascoes elected from the start to specialize in the microfilming of newspapers, periodicals and manuscript type material, and over the past years have established a close working relationship with the major libraries around Australia.

W. & F. Pascoe has always been a family owned company, although the founder brothers have passed away. Wilfrid’s son Michael Pascoe is now at the head of the company. He is no less dedicated than his father to quality and service in the library movement.

Moving forward


Today, a significant part of our output is in the area of preservation microfilming. Libraries look to preservation microfilming as their long term secure storage medium. (Polyester film has a life expectancy of 500 years in suitable storage conditions). Having invested in high tech digital equipment in recent years, we feel that we have successfully integrated both analogue and digital areas of our organization.

Our extensive range of services include the direct capture of documents, manuscripts, photographs, glass plate negatives, and other media to microfilm, microfiche and high resolution digital images. For our complete range of services, simply get in touch with us, or browse through the services section.