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Hey all! I love the empreinte line - specifically the Artsy and the Lumineuse PM. I bought the Lumi PM in flamme last Sunday as a mother's day gift for myself but she still sits in the box as I am unsure if I should keep her. I keep going back and forth between the lumi and the artsy! I have two small kids so I think the lumi is probably more practical, but the artsy keeps popping back into my mind. UGH. I do love the lumi, too, but keeping her and getting an artsy in addition is not an option! Between these two - which would you pick?

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,m91618,Why I am loving my Neo... there u go ^^lv uk ,louis vuitton monogram multicolore,[QUOTE=cinderellashoes;18677520]Thank you to: Yikkie, mballen and img for replying to my pm'sYou're so welcome! Congrats! What a classy bag!!


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